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Production powerhouse, Pietari Creative, and leading source for streaming media, NGAMETV, announce partnership.

07.14.2010 – Pietari Creative, a full production & post powerhouse, has begun producing high end motion graphics and providing editorial services for NGAMETV's recent coverage of the E3 Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. NGAMETV specializes in multicam high definition coverage of gaming events and more. With the partnership of Pietari Creative, the two powerhouses will lead the way in customizable event coverage specializing in:

• High Definition, Multi-camera, Live coverage of events broadcast anywhere in the world via high quality web streaming

• branded motion graphics packages personalizing each event

• post editorial of event for hi-lites, recaps, featurettes, sizzle reels and more

Adding to the team's talent pool is John C. Bland, NGAME's Chief Technology Officer, expert of the newest streaming technology and website development. Bland brings his expertise to alongside his tremendous work with Turner Broadcasting,,,, and so much more. To this day, he holds the record of 3.3 million simultaneous viewers during the web broadcast of President Obama's inauguration.

"NGAME has a huge following in the gaming industry and with Pietari's partnership we aim to expand that following into many other industries such as music, technology and more" states Pietari's co-founder Stacy Pietrafitta. "Given our combined resources and expertise, this is a wonderful opportunity for our two companies to join forces and step into these new arenas while broadcasting to an evermore expanding audience."

"We're proud to be partnering with Pietari Creative from here on, especially with the coverage of E3. They have the exact combination of motion graphics/editing experience and adaptability that we were looking for in a content partner," says Shane Latham, CEO of NGAMETV. "With our efforts focused together, the E3 Expo is going to be showcased to the gaming community through some kick ass content and a fine coat of polish."

See the videos to your left for a sneak peek at NGAMETV's & PIETARI CREATIVE's coverage & collaboration for E3.

• About E3 •
[from the E3 Expo website]:
"E3 Expo is the world's premiere trade show for computer and video games and related products. The show is owned by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the U.S. association dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of the companies, publishing interactive games for video game consoles, hand held devices, personal computers, and the Internet."

• About Pietari Creative •
Pietari Creative is a full production & post powerhouse that creates original content using digital video production, digital imaging workflows [DIT], location sound, editorial, motion graphics design, visual effects, sound design, brand development and social media consultation.
The production house provides these customizable services for small-to-large sized companies spanning a variety of industries. Pietari’s mission is to take a project from concept through completion - producing compelling branded content across multiple multimedia platforms, for websites, social media integration and more.

• About NGAMETV • covers gaming events world wide with its full HD production house and streams it live for the viewers that are unable to attend. has covered events such as Tokyo Game Show, Comic Con San Diego, Tekken 6 Global Championship Finals (Live from Tokyo), E3, PAX, Chicago Comic Con, Big Apple Con, VGXPO, SBO Qualifiers, Blizzcon, CES, and the Nintendo DSi Launch. NGame travels the world so fans do not miss a beat!

Link to Original Press Release:

E3 2010

May I start by saying “I LOVE MY JOB!” June 15th-17th I had the pleasure to attend E3 Expo. This is the Mecca of gaming and geekdom! I felt like a kid again for those three days. The only thing that I didn’t like about the Expo was having to leave! Here is my breakdown of E3 2010

Mortal Kombat series has always been one of my favorite fighting games! After being more than let down with Mortal Kombat vs. DC, I didn’t expect too much from the new edition to the series. But let me say it was amazing! I didn’t get to play the game, but was able to watch a demo of it. All the awesome things about the series that made me fall in love with it are back! Tons of blood and a new feature called X-ray hit has been added. This new feature is AMAZING! When activated you are able to not only see the damage to your opponents skin, but you will actually be able to see the hit go all the way to the bone! They also added tag team. When activated your main character will tag your partner and your partner will swing in and do a combo and tag your main character back into play. I could talk about this game forever but I won’t because there is so much more to talk about!

I have been a fan of the Ghost Recon series since Island Thunder! Let me tell you that the new Ghost Recon Future Soldier delivers! Just playing the demo was not enough for me. I will be waiting at midnight the night this game comes out! The best part about the Ghost Recon series is the online play. The campaign looks really solid. Lots of new weapons and gear for your solider!

Gaming has advanced so much since I was a kid playing Pong! Microsoft’s Kinect is EPIC! It blew me away. With so many games coming out for Kinect, I may just get rid of my controller…no wait I need that for Ghost Recon Future Solider! Having been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid, the announcement of Star Wars for Kinect made me happy, but I didn’t know how happy until seeing the demo. The ability to fight the Dark Side in my living room is going to be EPIC! Another game for Kinect that I am pretty psyched about is Joyride! It is so amazing to be able to play a racing game with NO controller at all! I want to play it just to see how that would work. You will be able to make gestures to speed up and slow down, and fling yourself to make jumps.

I know that there are so many more games that I could blog about but keep your eyes for coverage of E3….I won’t spoil it all for you!

I have been hired as CEO of!

In a Statement from

“Thanks for the patience gamers while we are busy at work developing for your viewing pleasure. I wanted to let you guys know that we are going to be delivering the best and cutting edge streaming technology to you. From live events to weekly shows, is going to knock your socks off, and bring you live coverage of gaming events from around the world. CEO, Shane Latham has 4 years of streaming expertise and has put together an award winning team of the best hosts, and production staff in the industry. No one knows how to capture the excitement of a gaming event like Shane and his crew. If its a gaming event, Shane knows how to capture that event and stream it out for the world to see, with the same quality as you would expect from network television.’s website is also being designed by John C. Bland II, the designer of as well as, just to name a few, John currently holds the world record for the most simultaneous views of a stream with the President Obama’s inauguration on with over 3.3 million viewers!

I know that it is a long time coming, but believe me we are hard at work for you guys, the gamers, to bring you the streaming site you deserve!”